Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year.

Welcome to 2012. I hope you all had a spectacular time celebrating. 
On Friday night my Dad invited aload of my family to our place for a sort-of-party which was rather nice considering I haven't seen most if my family for about a year. Unfortunately I had to be up at 4 the next morning and I didn't go to bed until 2-ish. I was pretty tired.

Yesterday I ventured to Kei's house, Playing Kingdom Hearts - Birth by sleep to pass the time. It certainly made the journey go much muuuch faster. 

When I got there we jetted back to London to run around for a few hours. Stopping at china town first.
We went to our usual stop, Japan cen. Of course... we are weeaboo's, what did you expect. I ended up buying Shoxx because Alice Nine were on the cover and the photos were by my favorite photographer *tears of joy everywhere* 
Kei was sweet and bought KERA magazine for me :D 

After that we zipped off to Camden to chomp on the ever wonderfully delicious thai chicken they sell there before we got the train back to hers. 

Now as for our new years plans? We had planned on going down to the river and setting off some Chinese lanterns at midnight. But of course, being reality, it rained so we couldn't go to the river. Then it died down enough for us to go outside to set the  lanterns off considering we painted our wishes on them so nicely. BUT it was so windy that our first attempt just didn't light and then the second attempt almost set Kei's face on fire and we had to stamp it out on the road.
5 minutes into the new year and we already had to stamp out our dreams.I have high expectations of 2012 = =
At least it looked nice before it went mental. 

Still, I think it was better that it didn't go to plan, the hilarity was priceless and it matches our friendship much better ahaha. 

Today we went to visit her mother before I had to leave to travel home. I have to say, She was so sweet. We ended up making bracelets and watching the cats derping around. 

Anyway, I finally got home not too long ago and I am so tired. But it's been a great weekend. 
I guess that leads me to my new years resolutions....
This year I am hoping to kick star my photography again, become a better bassist and study Japanese more. 
HOWEVER... my actual resolution is to collect lots of cute anime figures! 

Hope you all had a good time last night and I wish you all the luck for the new year. Let's make it the best year yet. 

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