Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Flashback of the Past - 2011.

So it's that fabulous time of year again, where we get to look back fondly at how we spent the past year.
2011 has been pretty mint for me, of course there's been ALOT of down points, but now that it's over all I care about are the good memories.
So here is my 2011 in a nutshell...

To be honest, I have no idea what happened in January, so skipping along to February, I took a head dive and toned down my appearance, spent time doing some photoshoots and generally trying to fill up my days with activity.

March was a great month, mainly because of the weekend I went back to London to see Girugamesh and then Miyavi the very met day. It was such a fabulous weekend seeing friends again and making new ones. It was actually at Girugamesh that I made friends with Kei. 
April was a month spent doing not alot, simply hanging out with friends and hosting some parties.
at the end of the month I traveled to Worthing to stay with Popi for a week. Which was lovely and very refreshing. 

In May, I turned 19. It was a pretty cool month and thing started getting more interesting from then on. I dyed my hair again and got my second lip piercing too. I also attended expo at the end of the month. 

June was mostly uneventful apart from when I went to see Russell Howard. He was far too damn funny! 

July was a busy month, I had to travel alot to see various different people and I was studying alot. At the beginning of the month I attending the Hyper Japan fashion even as a VIP working with Popi. 
Then at the end of the month I went back to London with my Friend to see Gackt and the Yellow Fried Chickenz play at the HMV forum. They were so boss. 

In August  went to stay with Kei for a few days and we saw Harry Potter. Other than that I don't remember much hahah. 

September I started a new project with Photography and spent alot of time going to see my mother. Not the most interesting month I must admit. 

October was brilliant, I went to Japan Underground for the first time, attended to scarefest at Alton Towers and it was Halloween!! I also started my new job at GAME. 

I didn't really have alot of free time in November due to working alot, but I did go to see Kei and spend some time in London on one of the weekends. 

Finally we reach December, which was, as you can imagine... jam packed with stuff.  went to see friends in Brighton, had friends visit me, celebrated Christmas multiple times and celebrated new years, all while working nearly every day too. 

Looking back on it all, it's been such a good year. I've enjoyed it all so much and have spent time with some wonderful. people. I hope the next year can be bigger and better.
I realize that most of these pictures are mostly purikura haha. I suppose this year my goal is to use my camera more to record everything. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed viewing my 2011 in a nutshell. 

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  1. I still envy your hair so much (T^T) haha
    I've recently gone two tone :D ~
    (OwO) It looks like you've had a great year with your friends!