Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Take It Easy.

I feel like I've been very quiet here this month, I had a spurt of  a few posts in the first few days and then nothing since. .. Not that I've been up to much anyway. 
I did go to Manchester to meet Toni the other day. That was fun, considering I haven't seen her in god knows how long. 
I stressed alot though, which was probably annoying. 

Other than that, I finished at my job have been busy doing nothing. Here's some pictures...
I took the last picture when I was with Toni. We were drinking milkshake down a random back street away from the shops in Manchester and we look up to see a huge love heart in a office window. Life is cute like that sometimes. 

Also, I changed my hair a little. I can't tell if I hate it yet. Considering darkening the pink again and going for a darker orange. We'll see ... 
The orange was actually going to be blue, but after 3 bleaches and 2 white toners, it still didn't go to the right shade and I didn't wanna risk having a fugly colour.. so Orange it is XD. 

Sorry this post lacks quality.. this month has been weird. 

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  1. i really like your new hair *---* ☆
    it's so vibrant and beautiful ヽ(´▽`)/☆