Monday, 6 February 2012

Blah Blah Baby~

Over the past two weeks I have come to realize just how uneventful my life is haha~ I've really not been up to alot, as per usual. I have however been to Manchester more times that I can count in the past 2 weeks. Which has been quite fun. 
I've been designing and making various items of clothing recently, which I will of course show you when I find the time to take decent photos. 
Sadly, The plans I had for this weekend crashed dramatically the day before. A freight train derailed on the line between my town and London the day before I was meant to be travelling, and the only other way I could get there would either cost me £200 or take 7 hours.. so I ended up not going T^T 
I did however go on a date with Lisa to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. That was wonderful. We met up in Manchester and went to see "Man on a Ledge" (which was brilliant) and took a romantic stroll in the snow while desperately trying not to fall over. It certainly took my mind off of everyone else having fun~ 

My fabulous Mother also helped install my new micro ring extensions... 
I cut them an inch or so shorter since then as I wasn't happy with them. But now I really enjoy them =w=

In other, probably more boring news, I've been buying alot of Asian DVDs recently and have become quite obsessed with the 20th Century Boys saga. It's truly brilliant! 
I was pleasantly surprised to see a cameo from Nightmare too! 
"Oh.. that guy looks like Yomi. wait, he looks like Hitsugi...... HO SHIT!!" 
I'm pretty sure I want to marry Tomodachi, even if he is an utter bastard. 

On the nerd front, I've suddenly re-submerged myself in the world of Anime and Manga. I neglected it for a while, but after having a few conversations with Lisa I've been reading and watching quite a few series. The latest being Uta no Prince-sama, which is very good except Haruka. She is such a shit lead role FUUUUUUUU!! Shibuya should be main, She's a fem-boss!! 

Anywhoo, I'm gonna nurse my awful head-cold/flu/whatever the fuck is happening in my face and watch Eastenders, so in the meantime I leave you with this..
Music of the week~ JACK POT BELL - 「優しい夜に」

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