Thursday, 1 March 2012

Good Morning Space Ranger.

Hello dear readers. I hope you've all been well since my last entry. 
I've had a very fun couple of weeks, even though I haven't technically done all that much. However sometimes the simple life is nice. 

Last week, Krista and I went to see the Muppets movie.. 
I was so happy that I finally got to see it, The Muppets are a huge thing in my family so as you can tell, I am a massive MASSIVE fan!  ⊹⋛⋋( ՞ਊ ՞)⋌⋚⊹It was so damn cute.
We ended up going to my old work place and speaking to my co-workers for about an hour too, so that was cool. I managed to spot the PSP game that I've been trying to get for a while too. Super Lucky! 
(Any game with P.I.M.P, In da club and Candy Shop as the soundtrack is a winner!)

Then a few days ago I went back to Manchester ... again to see Lisa, because she's going to Thailand for a month soon. So we decided to take a trip to the Gothic library that's in the city center. It was incredible, I felt like I was walking around in Hogwarts or something. We'll be going back soon with our cameras because I forgot to take my digital one. 
It was such a fun day out, and as always we got lost in the back streets hahah~
We also went to the Wasabi dessert room and shared a delicious green tea waffle and icecream. 

Other than that I've been taking a break from the internet and focusing on slightly more important things. I did however make a new twitter. 

I'm off to London this weekend (finally) So if you're going to JPU, I'll see you there \(^o^)/
And I leave you with a sweet little song for this nice spring afternoon~
Yukohamu - Yellow 踊ってみた


  1. I actually really want to see the muppet movie :'D haha so I am quite jeakous of you right now :P
    mmmm waffles (=w=) <3

  2. The waffles look so yummy! I'd love to try waffles like these some day (*>ω<*)

  3. @rivriv You shoul go and see it, it's just amazing!

    @Ashley They were so much better than they look OMG!!