Wednesday, 11 April 2012


(Posting this here because I noticed that I have alot of nice artists in my followers list)
Long story short, my entire Photography portfolio was destroyed so I have to start from scratch so that I can go to uni next year.
For one of the sections I would really like to do a collaboration with a few artists, it can be paint/graphics/textile/whatever!! 
Obviously depending on who you are and what your work is like, I’ll have a different part for you to play, but I hope this is going to be something really fun.
It doesn’t matter where you live. I’d love to work with people from all over the planet. 
If you are possibly interested, please PLEASE do drop me a line (tumblr message or and we can sort out a lovely idea. 
It’s really important to me so I’d be outstandingly grateful for any help. I need to get into Uni so badly. 

(P.S Depending on the situation, then I may be able to bring my portable studio to you and photograph you to make the collab even more fun, so that you can be an even bigger part of the work~) 

Thank You xxx 

I cannot stress enough how important this project is for me. If you know anyone who would be interested in this, please do mention it to them. I'll be forever grateful
. <--- Pssssttt!!! Please follow my photography blog. I've only uploaded some of my old work so far, but there's lot's of new stuff coming up very soon. 

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