Sunday, 6 May 2012

"You Are So Bad At Fashion!"

Howdy! t's a lovely day today, I hope you've all been well~

So Last Saturday, I zoomed off to Brighton to visit my friends Popi and Ashii. I feel like I haven't seen them in forever!
Unfortunatly the weather on the first night was terrible, so we got really soaked and all the effort I put into my hair vanished. =n=''
When we did brave the elements, We found ourselves sitting in a restaurant of questionable theme. It called itself "English Cuisine".. when in fact it served like Italian, Indian, Seafood but no British food at all hahah!  Even the decor was confused (Sleek red modern walls and a sushi bar kinda feel at the front, French rococo type atmosphere in the back) It was certainly and experience.
After that we found the first place that was dry, which was a pub called the Pavilion.
It wasn't the worst place I've ever been to, but It was a bit of a dive. I think it was after someone threw up and it almost landed on me did we actually decide to go somewhere else. In the end, we went to a really nice Alternative bar for their Punk and Ska night. I LOVE PUNK AND SKA MUSIC!! 
It ended up being a really good night, I enjoyed dancing my ass off~ 

The next morning I was getting ready to go out and it was miserable weather, but suddenly it brightened up so I dashed out before it the sky decided it would turn nasty again. 
I wandered around a few shops and found some really cool places in back streets and multistory car parks. I also went to the beach. I never get to go to the beach so I got really really excited. 
Maannn, it was so nice to spend an hour having my face blown off by the ocean breeze! Soon I headed back to the lanes to meet up with Ashii and we did more shopping, it was really nice. 
When Popi came home from work she and I ate takeout and I could feel the pounds piling on hahah~ 

On Monday, The three of us went shopping again.
We are really bad at fashion. 
I didn't buy anything that day, I didn't want to spend any more money until I got paid the next day. When Ashii went to work we headed home to work on an article for Neo, and then considering it was a nice evening we went out and took some photos. 
I really got the feeling of summer, it was so warm and lovely >w<~
With hunger in our bellies we hopped over to Mcdonalds, which was so strange since I haven't eaten it for over a year. 
And after three days of a toilet paperless existence, having to utilize anything we could as a substitute (Including receipts, pick and mix bags, etc etc) ... we finally got toilet paper. OH SWEET RELIEF! 

The next day we did even more shopping, stopping off at a sweet little cafe for some lunch. We headed into Sainsburys for some groceries and for a tiny photoshoot (Which we had to stop after a security guard grumbled at us T^T) 

That evening we went to the Cinema to seeeee.....
IT WAS GREEEEAAAAATTTTTT!!! We actually saw a subtitled version, which was a really interesting cinema experience, although I ended up reading the subtitles out of habit. 


Now here's where the night became interesting... shit, but interesting.
So we got back to the apartment and after I went on a little walk to clear my head, We were starting to feel a little ill. (I wasn't feeling too bad, just a little light headed) it came on really suddenly so we were all a little concerned, and after a few phone calls and a visit from the gas man... the boiler was shut off permanently as it had been leaking something into the air. 
With that said, we had to take a trip to the hospital. The symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning are not something to be ignored. 
So after a really long wait and feeling somewhat miserable, we all had a blood test. Eventually we were allowed to go home, so I guess we were alright enough. 
It was so strange, I've never been to the hospital for myself, so I'm a bit gutted I've broken my almost 20 year streak for something so crappy. (I'm not going to count it) 

I had to leave and go home the next morning, But I stopped off in London to pick up a few magazines to read on the journey back. 
I'm still feeling kinda tired , especially since Krista spent a few days at mine when I got back. But I really enjoyed myself non the less. 

Here's a nice little summery rendition of a song you may already know~
Cream- We Found Love. 


  1. You all look super cute and pretty! (^__^)
    Looks like you had alot of fun too~ <3

    1. Thank you lady! I did have alot of fun, it was really nice seeing my friends again.

  2. Yeahhh, cream<3
    and omg your style is so awesome! (>///<)

    1. LOVE CREAM!! Thank you so much. xxx

  3. You're always so super duper good looking *__*

    1. Thank you! I hope you're well. xxx

  4. How come it needed subtitles? The only thing I could think is because of some accents but they're a couple of British accents in the film (and I believe Tom Hiddelston is actually British)

    1. Ah, it wasn't anything to do with accents. Man if you live in England you kinda automatically understand any accent no matter how thick hahaha.
      They subtitled it because there was a large group of Deaf teenagers on a sort of evening out. It was actually pretty cool of the cinema to do that~ xxx