Monday, 8 October 2012

Japan Underground x DIVISION Party & Other Things~

Woweeee... it's been a while it seems! 
Alot has happened since my last entry, but I'll leave out the little things and compile a lovely smoothie of the past few weeks events. 

At the beginning of August, I traveled to London to do a photoshoot with the stunning Hayden for Cyberdog. Here's some of my favorite shots.
She was a total delight to work with man, I really look forward to shooting with her again! 
Not alot happened for a little while apart from work, but that's always really fun. 
So I started out as a secret agent, putting my life on the line for the Cyberdog sector.
Then I decided to become a Yanki instead, much more fitting! 
(Seriously though, the jumpsuits are just the snuggliest warmest things ever!! Plus it's totally Uchuu Sentai NOIZ style)
As you've probably noticed, I have darker hair now... 
I actually wanted all blue hair, so to get rid of the pink I put purple over the top, like so:
But then everyone said it was really nice, and after a 6am phone call from my Mother saying that if I changed it then she'd be really upset with me... I decided to keep it. Unfortunately in my attempts to bleach it to even out the colour, this happened... 
It looks alright with a hat on but the roots were totally white and it looked so strange. 
So I dyed it puuurple again. 
Apart from work, I've been hanging out with Lisa alot and seeing a few different people here n there, but the even I wanted to blog about the most happened last Friday, and that was the Japan Underground x GazettE DIVISION launch party in London. 

First off I arrived in London and met up with Lisa, where we headed straight for our hotel to spruce ourselves up after a long journey had melted our spirits. 
It was a tiny tiny little room on the top floor with just a small double bed and a miniature bathroom but it was nice. Who cares if it's only for a night! 
We were really excited about the lighting in our bathroom. 
The lighting was just so good *sobbing*
So eventually when we were all sparkly, we ventured out to Camden Town. Lisa had never been to the big Cyberdog (only the cute little diddy one that I work at) So I got the pleasure to show her around. After our Cybernetic adventure in the XXX section we grabbed some grub and chilled for a few minutes. 
Then we slid over to China Town.. yep.. not need to tell you why...

It seemed that I was suffering a condition called ; Horrifically unphotogenic syndrome. 

After that we finally headed to Bloomsbury to the venue, where we met up with everyone and I discovered that I have the amazing ability to look horribly drunk in every photo even though I was stone cold sober.
Lisa however looked beautiful!
We did manage to have one nice picture together without me creating much fuss haha! 
We also met up with the lovely Ellen, who works at the Cyberdog store in Brighton. She's a real sweet heart! 
Everyone getting CrUnK to Gangnam Style~

I have to say, the even itself was a little disappointing since there was not that many people there and the music was less than loud. Plus... seriously.. when i go out, I like to listen to a bigger viriety of artist, not just Gackt, HYDE and maximum the hormone. *shrugs* perhaps I'm just picky! Maybe next time there will be more of a selection and live bands... bitches love live bands! 
Other than that it was really fun. Sadly the crowd did die off near the 12-ish mark but we still had a good time. Particularly when I experienced the chat up line of "Would you  and your friendslike a free game of bowling?"
Yes, yes I would like a free game of bowling!! 
Even if I'm not very good at it OTZ
Lisa & Dayle whopped my ass.. it hurts! 
Lisa and I decided to call it a night at about 2.45 and left. We ended up pounding the streets until about 4.30am when we grabbed a McDonalds (HAHAH!!) and retreated to our hotel. We stayed up up most of the night singing Linda!Linda! at each other and crawled our sorry asses into bed at about 7.10am.
My alarm we off at 8am ;A;

Feeling suprisingly fresh as a daisy we went for breakfast at McDonalds (less than like 6 hours after eating it the night before haha) where Rozzi joined us for a little bit. 
When we parted from here, Lisa and I decided to do a little bit of shopping and i decided to ruin every picture that she took like the brilliant friend that I am! 
(Didn't have the heart to ruin this one... the smoking guy was way too sassy!)
Our last hour was spent eating some lunch while watching obnoxious hipsters bail on their skateboards. 
On the train home we constructed a chibi Gundam model that I had picked up.
his name is Linda, he is the product of TEAM WERK!

Overall it was a super fun weekend, I really enjoyed seeing everyone. 
I'll hopefully see y'all again real soon.

Wow.. that was the longest post ever! If you made it this far, please reward yourself with treating your ears with the soundtrack of our weekend.
Over and Out! 
x x x x

THE BLUE HEARTS - Linda!Linda! 


  1. LINDA LINDAAAA!! I have to say my pictures look very sassy on your blog, *fills with pride*. I had such a good time with you baby I look forward to our next! I still have more of the shots of you jumping into my pictures, but they shall stay my personal collection of course hehe. Love you baby x x x

    1. LINDA LINDA LINDAAAA!!! Ah baby we really need to do something like this again, maybe 2 nights so we an stay up for the first one and sleep for the second one hahahah.
      Oh god, I dread to see them! x x x x