Thursday, 23 August 2012

July - August.

As it turns out, I'm quite pants at blogging. I've been so busy and tired that blogger has pretty much been the last thing on my mind, but I thought I'd give you all a condensed yet picture filled chunk of events. 

First off, mid July. Lisa and I lived our childhood dreams of seeing Blink 182 live.
This is what I looked like for the gig.
We were a million levels of excited waiting for them to come one.
The first was up band was the Blackout. Who were really awesome, they were so energetic and funny so everyone was having a good time! 
They made us do warm ups and shit. 
Then the All American Rejects came one. "Dirty little secret" was fun but otherwise they were shite and I hated them. The singer tried to get the girls to make orgasm noises and reffered to all the pink haired girls as "human tampons" (Yeah because blood is pink you dipshit) 
The thing that annoyed me was that they played nothing but slow songs, so the atmosphere really dropped and became boring. 
OMFG I nearly died when they opened with my favorite song "Feelin this" 
The stage pyrotechnics were just too amazing and the setlist was perfect. 
Totally worth the 14 years of waiting!!!

A few weeks ago my good friend Krista came to visit me, and we went out for lunch in a cute little cafe. 
Sadly, one of my dermals was starting to come out, so I decided to take it out myself. The big scar is actually a fuck up from the piercer when I had it done. The actual hole is really tiny. 

Then in August, Lisa and I went on a little date in Manchester, It was really nice ~
We found this really cool old photobooth in a random artshop near my workplace. Turns out we were both far too used to Purikura and were shocked when we couldn't see ourselves on the scree and when it suddenly flashed without a countdown. The results were.... interesting... 

About 2 weeks ago I went to kent again after a loooong 5 month absence to visit Kei. 
Let me tell you, getting on the Javelin train with a couple hundred Olympic spectators was not the most relaxing experience. I had to pose with alot of tourists and I ended up looking really grumpy in all of the pictures. 
So after nearly 6 hours of traveling I arrived, and shortly after we went to the tattoo studio.
Kei's tattoooo~
After that we went to the supermarket to get something for a picnic and ended up spending £17 on food. OMG! 
Unexpected chicken on the way to the river.
We then went on a long ass walk and found a playpark. I'd share more of the photos with you... but I was way too excited to be photogenic. 
The next day we chilled and mooched around town with an ice cream before I had to travel home.
Tell you what, it was boiling all weekend, I came back not being a ghost. 

Last week Lisa and I were back in Manchester, for a very special reason. 
First of all, it was to celebrate Lisa's birthday. So we went out for lunch at Wong Wongs. 
Secondly... to pick up my new snake!! 
Having to carry a 5 foot snake in a box through a busy city with a bag of dead frozen mice in my back pack is such a strange experience. And it got the attention of alot of people on the train home hahah~
We got him home safely though and he settled in nicely. 
(Scary eyes because he was shedding)
His name is B-Boy and he is a 2 year old Californian King Snake. Isn't he sweeeeeet?!! 

Over all it's been a super fun month, I've got lots to look forward too in the upcoming weeks, so I'll be sure to update more often. Hahah.. maybe...

I hope you have a good day everyone. x x x


  1. New follower here ^^

    It's not often that I come across a blogger who loves visual kei and rocks the style! So I just had to follow! Unfortunately, I don't dress the part though :(

    But your snake is awesome, and seems like you had an amazing time ^^


    1. Hey there!

      Nice to meet you honey, hope all is well. It's so hard to find VK fans these days hahah.

      Thank you, and my snake thanks you also :D

      Have a good day love x x x

  2. It really was a nice experience to fullfill a childhood dream. I wonder whats next for us :D
    Oh god when the black out made us strech! LOL I somewhat wished that they were switched in the line up with the All American Rejects since they got us pumped and well the All American Rejects made me a little tired.
    Overall I think we have had a lovely time in the month of August. You shared the photo strips >.< I cringe at my face but laugh remembering the first experience.
    Bboy looks so adorbs.

    Your post gave me lovely happy feels <3