Friday, 11 January 2013

New Years in Brighton

So for New Years eve this year, I traveled to B-Town to party on down with my ladies, Popi & Ashii. 

We were planning to go clubbing, but it was only when I got half way to London did I realize that I had no ID! Which is the worst kind of feeling considering that every club would be checking for ID that night. 
So after making the decision not to just turn back and spend my night hugging my knees and watching crappy films on TV, I made it into Brighton. 

Ashii and I mooched around the apartment until Popi came home, and then the three of us embarked on a journey to see Lara. All the while singing Spice Girls songs.

We made it back to the flat and then finished getting ready. Our original plan of getting to the club at 11pm didn't happen as we left the apartment at 11.30pm OAO

Then there was the problem with my ID.. or lack of. But when the bouncer came to me to check.. hey! I could only be totally honest. SO after a few minutes of date writing and a bit of a show down.. HE ACTUALLY LET ME IN!! 

So with 5 minutes to midnight, we managed to get to the bar hahah. 

Now, I'd only ever been to this club once before on the sickest punk x scar night, which I was so in love with. Unfortunately this night was goth/metal/not my kind of music at all. When I go out I love to dance to punk/scar/hip hop/reggae/pop/whatever is upbeat.  So I did feel a little out of place in my silver bra and Adidas track jacket hahah. However I soon got into it and had a good time. 

Just just a shame some skag-ass boys would not leave us the fuck alone and insisted on cornering the three of us, driving us to escape to the bathroom for a little while. Boys really suck when it comes to the concept of NO!! 

Apart from that (and the music), it was a really good night and I enjoyed myself 8D

We made it home at about 6.00 am but of course you don't sleep straight away, so lets say I fell asleep at about 8.. I WOKE UP AT 9.00AM!! *sobbing* 
it wasn't too bad though considering I had to get an early-ish train, so I made the most of the sunshine as I traveled home. 

So for my New Years resolutions... 
Probably to collect more anime figures, 
stay up to date with anime/drama series
and blog more. 

I have big things planned for this year, so I'm really looking forward to it.
And with that I leave you with a lovely song by my boys... 

Baroque - Cherry King. 

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