Friday, 11 January 2013

Flashback of the Past ~ 2012

Hey guys, it's that lovely time of year again. Where you look back upon the last 12 months and remember all of the fun times.
2012 has been a year of highs and lows, but over all it's been awesome.


January was a pretty terrible month for me, I had to leave my job at Game and ended  up being totally miserable every single day. So it's a month I'd rather not remember.


It's pretty bad that the only thing I remember about February is getting micro loop extensions hahah~
I also spent alot of time going to various meetings. 


Now March is when my year started getting interesting. I spent alot of time traveling and seeing friends. It was really nice. 
It also included being too lazy to go to Japan underground and settling for walking around London in the late hours of the night.


Another relaxing month. I went to visit my dear friend Rozzi in London. 
Got Micro dermals on my chest. 
Attended my friends wedding and was their photographer for the day.
Received some beautiful words of wisdom from my idol Susumu Miyawaki. 


This was my favorite month of all. 
First off I went to Brighton to see my lovely ladies, Popi & Ashii for a week. We hung out, went to the cinema and did some photoshoots. 
I also hung out with Lisa alot, which always makes me happy. 
I got a job at Cyberdog Manchester <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
We went to see LM.C in London on my 20th birthday which was sooooo amazing!!
Then a week later we went to see SCREW, OMFG dude ;3; 


I went from working part time to full time in a matter of weeks so I was very busy working from this point.
My sister turned 21 so we had a party at my place.
I went to visit Dayle & Chriss in London. 


I don't remeber anything else but seeing Blink182 with Lisa...


I went to Kent to accompany Kei for her first proper tattoo, we hung out and had a pic nic by the river. 
Hung out alot with Lisa and also got my beautiful baby B-Boy ;3; 


It was another busy month at work so I didn't do a great deal in my down time, however Lisa and I did spend the weekend in London for JPU


One of my favorite times of the year... Halloween month ^3^
I went to London again to hang with Kei and then participated in Cyberdogs many Halloween events which were so much fun!! 


I can't remember what I did apart from my final visit to London ;3; 


Now that was a crazy busy month, as I'm sure anybody who works in retail could tell you.
I however, also traveled to Brighton to do a photoshoot with the Cyberdog girls and to finish my Christmas shopping. 
For Christmas I spent half with my Dad and half with my Mum, which was really nice and relaxing. 

Overall it's been a pretty awesome year, there's been lots of lows but ultimately it's been one of the best years ever and I really look forward to 2013. I hope I can spend it with more of the coolest people on earth. 

Thank you everyone.
x x x 


  1. you look always so fantastic! * O * ♥

  2. omg I found your blog today and I'm in love!!
    where do you bought the silver devil horns or are they DIY?
    and I love your hair with all this little braids on one side how did you do that?

    sorry for my weird english but I'm too excited xDDD

    1. Ah Thank you sweetness!
      The horns are ones from Kreepsville that I DIY'd.
      The hair is just a simple twist and tie method, sort of like corn rows but much more lazy hahah XD x x x