Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Busy week will be busy!

So this week Im going to have lots of fun..
Tomorrow, Senpai will be coming over for  a visit, and we'll be going to see a film.
I wanted to see Toy Story 3, but she's a dick and says she dosent wanna see that ¬_¬
On Thursday, I'll be going to see my dearest best friend, and we are going to a museum and aquarium *EIIII* i really love sea life XDDD
Then we're going back to her house and Im staying over for the night ^^

Saturday, Im going clothes shopping with Dada, I havent had new clothes in such a long time, I literally running low on clothes = = so this is very exciting!

Also, Im doing really well on my diet, Im really focused and feeling so posative >D

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