Friday, 13 August 2010

Glub! Glub! Glub!

Hello everybody! Its been a little while!
I had lots and lots of fun last week!
The aquarium was so small, but really cute and had some of my favourite fish.... PARANAS!!! >D

I stayed with my moma for a few days this week, and she took me to Ikea, where i baught a cute photo frame set to hold my Cheki prints in.
Then the next day we went shopping in Derby, where i spent far far too much money. But i did buy some really adorable Oshare-kei style clothes.. so i guess it makes up for it XD

WEIGHTLOSS UPDATE!! since i started my diet, i've lost 1 stone and lost lots of inches around my body!
Im feeling so brillinat about it!

When I feel confident enough to take full body shots, I'll start posting more about fashion and costumes, since this is my biggest passion! So get ready! :D

My Cheki camera also arrived yesterday, I've named him "Furashuru" (Flash) I cant wait to use it..... just waiting for the film to arrive T^T

(Ugly little drawing I did the other day)

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