Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Expo and Other Adventures!

Thus weekend it was MCM Expo in London, and of course, me being the weeaboo I am, I had to go along. And of course, me being as compleatly unorganized as I am, at 1 am Friday Night, I had only just picked an outfit. (*^ー^)ノ

So, Up at 4am to get ready and to the trainstation for 7. On the train, I ended up being moved into first class, where I ended up having to lecture 3 buisness people about their sheer rudeness and asshat-ness towards the Train manager, those dicks. It wasnt her fault that you were too stupid to catch the right train. D<

Anyway, I got into London around half 9, where I strolled around, being photographed by tourists untill Kei arrived. (She actually turned up as a wonderful Japanese photographer was snapping away at me) :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*: Together we headed into the Japan Center to get Kera and I ended up buying a Fanta Furu Furu Shaker.
I got the grape one since ive always wanted to try it. The experience was kinda like "not sure if want" Its just one of the most bizzar things I've ever consumed, tasted nice too!
While the two of us were busy loling about furufuru and shouting at tings in Kera, More tourists wanted to take my picture XD For some reason that happens whenever I sit outside of the Japan Center ....

From there we went to meet Chiyo and headed to China Town for the inevitable Purikura (ノ´▽`)ノ There was alot of people in there this time, including Kei's friend Chris, who was lovely and join us for Puri.
Eventually we decided to take the annoying journey to the Expo, and in the end we did get there we met up with another of Kei's friends Summer, Who was cosplay Maya from LM.C, this of course did end up with me creepily hitting on her for the majority of the day (Im so sorry about that, it's the costume, I just cant help myself) We also found Sugi and Tia. (σ・∀・)σ

We sat around observing all of the various Win/Fail cosplays for a while. After a couple of hours Chiyo and Summer had to leave (Maya NOOOOO!!!) So me and Kei went back to china town (Purikura shop was far to rediculously full though) So we parted at the train station and I went home.

On the way home however, we decided that I should come back the next day.

Which I diiiiiid, the journey there was much longer than the previous day, whith the guy sat next to me constantly asking what every bit of makeup in my bad was for *rolls eyes*
Eventually I got there where I met an equally exausted Kei. We did just pretty much want to curl up and sleep/die. BUT we dragged our sorry asses to China Town because we had a mission to compleate. We had to apologize to Miyavi. We terrirsed him for too long. Im sure you all remember the Cheki and Purikura we sent him instructing him to "Suck My Ass!" ...WELL.....

After all, there is only one way to say sorry!!
We did do some nice ones too..
After that our energy levels were HIGH!! PURIKURA POWER!!! So we headed to Expo, Fagging over Golden Bomber along the way. (Note; Never do the dance to Memeshikute on stairs) We hung out with Sugi and her friend for a while. Tried some beef jurkey for the first time...... not sure if want..
The other two left after a while, so Me and Kei fagged over Golden Bomber some More. We remained doing so traveling back to London Euston, where we were both killer hungry and combined had £2 between us so went to Camden for McDonalds. Then I had to go hooome.

It was an awesome weekend, even if most of my friends were working which made me miss them, I had copious amounts of fun wreaking havoc with My partner in Miyavi related crime.
Im looking forward to returning to London to hang out with friends again!!

P.S I thought you'd all like to see my "excited about drinking this coke" derp face...
Its pretty rediculous! (●´ω`●)ゞ

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