Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Nagoya-Chan and FroYo~

After some very spontaneous planning and some annoying train delays, Yesterday I went to see my dear friend Hizu in London. 
So after a bit of a late and somewhat rocky start we finally met up in China town. We grabbed some FroYo (I had to wait so long for mine =A= DELAYS AHOY!) and headed to a really nice park... who's name I have forgotten, where we chowed down, enjoyed the sunshine and watched a small posh child fall off of his BMW bike multiple times. 
Lovely squishy sunshine park faces~

We soon skipped back to China Town to the purikura shop.... obviously!

After our purinto kurabu endeavors, we grabbed some lunch at JapanCen. I had Inari....which  I discovered was quite nice, but then suddenly disgusting =A='' which was a shame because up until that point I had been deeply enjoying it. 
Then we shimmied over to Oxford street to go into the Disney Store and Hamleys because I have never been there before. Holy shit it was amazing *A* everything was so magical. I wanna work there so bad!!
Met the Queen, she seemed somewhat Lego-ish.
I was very disgruntled by this Edward Cullen doll that was stashed among the Barbies. He looked very constipated. That made me uncomfortable. 
I really enjoyed looking at all of the cute toys and Harry Potter wands (Give them all to me!!!). We were however interrupted mid conversation about wrestlers, by a rather pushy member of staff who seemed to want to be included in our convo. Only to have him proclaim loudly that our eyes were fake.... Damn... Busted. There was me.. hoping that people believed that my natural eyes were indeed purple. Never mind. 
We accidentally found a lovely Narnia stair way, which was both magical and extremely half arsed. It was like.. they could't be bothered to finish it or something XD but then on the final floor we found one of the things we had been lolling about only a short time earlier...
Hizu demonstrating Bisual Kei like a badd-man! 

Later on me went to Hyde Park and goffic sunbathed. Then meandered over to Soho. Went to some really nice places (Including the KIDROBOT shop which caused me to do a brain melt). Sadly it was getting late so she walked me back to the station, oh so rOmantiOcally and I left. 
I got home at about 11PM and flopped into bed. (I did imagine that it was how the women in adverts do after  a long day of shopping.. all giggles and happy shit. But in reality I looked like an exhausted goblin). 

Today I woke up in a fantastic mood because My Black Memorial, Gazette Be@rbrick had arrived. 
It's possibly my favorite of all my vinyl toys. *Dribbling on everything* 
It's currently propped on my desk looking bad ass and fucking glorious. God I'm so lame!

On that bombshell I'll leave you with a song that I'm currently loving...

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  1. All so pretty, darling! I recieved your letter some time ago, I'll reply soon! <3 Where in the world did you get that Gazette toy?? Do want! *A*